About us

‘Elemental Sculpture Park’ sits on a 10 acre site very affectionately known by the Hartlands as simply the 'Land' and was bought 21 years ago as a wild thistle field. Though the thistle field had its own beauty the Land has now been transformed into a mixed deciduous and conifer woodland with ponds, gardens and glades. Joining these diverse spaces are meandering paths that take you on a journey around the park providing an international centre for contemporary Art.
 The Land itself is an ongoing project which will continue changing, producing a biodiversity of natural ecosystems, providing Artists both established and emerging, with a wonderful and diverse enviroment to exhibit their work. In 2016 we are planning a wildflower garden to embrace the area around the glade providing a pallete of colour and flowing texture.
We would love to share the land and the Artists work with you.
TEL 01285 869040